AARC provides integrated consulting solutions for public sector clients globally. 

AARC’s diverse portfolio of technical assistance projects successfully delivered worldwide over the last decade, demonstrates how we effectively work with a range of large and small consulting partners, to offer services to public sector stakeholders, across multiple interacting and intersecting sectors and services. 

Direct access to high quality expertise, a strong, diverse network of consulting partners, good project and contract management skills, constantly evolving technology and platforms, and consistent engagement with partners and clients, are the foundations of AARC’s trusted partnerships for the delivery of large and small technical assistance projects globally. 

AARC’s core team is head quartered in Dublin, Ireland, with satellite offices in  Spain, Central Asia and India.

AARC’s technical assistance teams work in Europe, Central and South-East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 

In Europe AARC supports public sector reform programmes in a range of counties including, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden, working across multiple interacting and intersecting sectors including public administration, health, education, and the environment. 

At an EU level AARC delivers long term programmes with the European Commission in achieving structural reforms as part of their efforts to support job creation and sustainable growth. 

Globally AARC works with all the major international development partners (including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Europe Aid, UNDP, Millennium Challenge Corporation, EBRD, EIB, GIZ,GCF, Irish Aid) delivering technical assistance across multiple sectors and services. We have successfully delivered over 100 contracted programs for international development partners over the last decade. 

As AARC grows, we continue to build and refine our services to meet the rapidly evolving and changing needs of public sector clients globally.

Our value drivers


Partner Network

AARC has developed a wide network of partner firms that allows us to provide an exceptional breath, and depth of support to clients globally. Our network provides comprehensive sector expertise and wide geographical coverage to maximize our ability to mobilize in-country teams and deliver sustainable solutions to our clients.

Consultant Network

Our approach to working with clients and delivering projects is fundamentally built around direct access to high quality experts and associates. Our experts have a strong track record in delivering large complex technical assistance projects funded by major international organisations. AARC has access to over 3,500 technical consultants with expertise in a wide range of sectors.

Digital Tools and Technology

We are extensive users of technology solutions to enhance team productivity and achieve scalability. We use digital tools for framework management, sourcing excellent key experts, online facilitation, data collection and idea management. Regular market research and continuous development initiatives help AARC to update its technology solutions in line with client needs and emerging industry trends.

Trusted Project Delivery Partner

AARC has established skills and expertise to provide integrated consulting services for large, complex technical assistance projects and frameworks, to public sector clients and international development organizations, globally. Our project delivery approach is agile, pragmatic, solution orientated and sustainable. Our practical contract and project management skills have helped us manage individual and framework contracts with continued success.

Our people