AARC’s services include supporting the Housing Corporation of Ulaanbaatar and the Municipality of Ulaanbaatar in implementation of the project (AHURP). AARC’s major activities for this assignment include:


·          Overall coordination, implementation, management and supervision of all phases of the project;

·          Sector road map implementation;

·          Institutional strengthening and reporting;

·          Capacity building of project stakeholders;

·          Procurement of civil works, goods and consulting services and financial management;

·          Technical audit;

·          Implementation, management, monitoring of voluntary land swapping mechanisms phase by phase;

·          Project safeguards and due diligence;

·          Gender and social dimensions;

·          Community engagement and stakeholder’s communication;

·          Buildings and facilities operation and maintenance;

·          Project performance management system (PPMS), monitoring and evaluation in compliance policies and procedures of the Government of Mongolia (GOM), ADB, Green Climate Fund (GCF) and other Co-financiers.