AARC have supported the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) under a framework to offer targeted training on Anti-Money Laundering / Countering the Finance of Terrorism / International Sanctions (AML/CFT/IS) among participants across potential client countries and participating financial institutions covering The objective of the Assignment is to:

  • Work with the Financial Institution’s (FIs) to deliver an assessment of the coverage of its risk management policies and practices related to high risk transactions, as evaluated against existing domestic requirements and international good practice,
  • Develop an action plan (the “Action Plan”) for any improvement of such policies and practices, in consultation with the FIs and,
  • Advise the FIs on the implementation of the Action Plan. As part of the FIs’ broader risk management practices and policies, the FIs have identified more specific areas of focus, which were addressed in the Action Plan.
  • A broad description of international regulations and trends on AML/CFT/IS,
  • A more focused overview of the national AML/CFT/IS regulations and actors,
  • Practical guidance on the requirements for the effective implementation of AML/CFT/IS procedures and processes at the financial institutions