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TitleDonorClientCountryRegionStart DateEnd DateTagaarc_country_hfilteraarc_region_hfilteraarc_project_tag_hfilter
REFORM/SC2020/080 – Upgrade of the System for the Property Value DeterminationEuropean CommisionAug, 2020Apr, 2022, , greeceeuropepublic-administration tax valuation
REFORM/SC2020/076 – Modernisation of Payment Models for Outpatient Healthcare in SloveniaEuropean CommisionJul, 2020Dec, 2021, sloveniaeuropehealth it
REFORM/SC2020/072 – Intrapreneurship in Irish RegionsEuropean CommissionAug, 2020Dec, 2021, irelandeuropebusiness economic-development
REFORM/SC2020/071 – Public Engagement and Change Management for a Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy in SpainEuropean CommissionAug, 2020Jan, 2022, , , spaineuropechange-management infrastructure public-administration strategy
REFORM/SC2020/064 – Technical Support to The Ministry of Migration Policy and Asylum in Designing an Integrated Information Management System (IMS) and Enhancing its Public Procurement CapacityEuropean CommissionAug, 2020Aug, 2021, , greeceeuropegovernance it public-administration
REFORM/SC2020/061 – Enhancing IS/IT Governance Models of the Tax and Customs AdministrationEuropean CommissionJul, 2020May, 2021, , portugaleuropegovernance it tax
REFORM/SC2020/055 – Strengthening the Capacity of the Cyprus Tax Department to Analyse and Implement Court Decisions on Tax MattersEuropean CommissionJul, 2020Sep, 2021, cypruseuropepublic-administration tax
REFORM/SC2020/054 – Developing Finland’s Sustainable Finance EcosystemsEuropean CommissionJul, 2020Jul, 2022, finlandeuropegrowth sustainable-finance
REFORM/SC2020/029 – Structural Support for National Genome Initiative (Genomde)European CommissionJun, 2020Jun, 2021, germanyeuropehealth rd
REFORM/SC2020/028 – Improving Energy Performance of Buildings in Malta: Long-Term Renovation StrategyEuropean CommissionJun, 2020Aug, 2021, , denmarkeuropeenergy infrastructure strategy
REFORM/SC2020/024 – Implementing an Early Warning Tool in FinlandEuropean CommissionJun, 2020Dec, 2021, finlandeuropebusiness digital
REFORM/SC2020/023 – Early Warning Tools and Preventive Restructuring Frameworks in RomaniaEuropean CommissionJun, 2020Sep, 2021, romaniaeuropegovernance public-administration
REFORM/SC2020/021 – Support for improving quality of Healthcare and Patient safety in SloveniaEuropean CommissionJul, 2020May, 2020sloveniaeuropehealth
REFORM/SC2020/014 – Building Analytical Capacity of the National Productivity BoardEuropean CommissionMar, 2020Apr, 2021, lithuaniaeuropeeconomic-development statistics
SRSS/SC2019/165 – Enhancement of the Italian National State Aid RegistryDec, 2019Jan, 2021, italyeuropeeconomic-development public-administration
SRSS/SC2019/157 – Public sector energy efficiency investment programme supporting Ireland’s EU 2030 climate and energy targetsEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Dec, 2020, irelandeuropeclimate energy
SRSS/SC2019/146 – Increasing the sustainability of higher and further education provision in Ireland – economic review of funding optionsEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Nov, 2020irelandeuropeeducation
SRSS/SC2019/144 – Contribution to a Coherent Digital Infrastructure Strategy in LuxembourgEuropean CommissionEuropean CommissionOct, 2019Feb, 2021, luxembourgeuropedigital it
SRSS/SC2019/140 – Person-centred integrated hospital master plan in EstoniaEuropean CommissionEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Mar, 2022estoniaeuropehealth
SRSS/SC2019/138 – Support for the Systematic Update of the DRG System in PolandEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Mar, 2021polandeuropehealth
SRSS/SC2019/128 – Improvement of National Capacity to Evaluate Structural Reforms and Public Policies, and to Analyse and Forecast InvestmentEuropean CommissionEuropean CommissionDec, 2019Nov, 2021portugaleuropepublic-administration
SRSS/SC2019/127 – Improving the capacity of municipalities in Sweden to assess the quality of healthcare delivered at home, in nursing homes and in special housing for people with functional impairmentsEuropean CommissionEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Dec, 2021, swedeneuropehealth public-administration
SRSS/SC2019/110 – Policy and Strategy Development in the Field of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)European CommissionEuropean CommissionSep, 2019Jun, 2020, irelandeuropepharma strategy
SRSS/SC2019/107 – Adapting healthcare delivery models in Castilla la Mancha and Catalonia to the integration of telemedicine solutionsEuropean CommissionEuropean CommissionNov, 2019Mar, 2021spaineuropehealth