Equal access to quality education and healthcare, well integrated social service systems and strong labour markets are central to the development of a fair and equitable society at global, regional, national, and local levels.  

Developing policies and implementing reforms across education, health, social and labour sectors are challenged by rapid climate change, epidemic disease outbreaks, and ageing populations which all contribute to extremely fragile economic and societal conditions. International Organizations and governments are rapidly enhancing capacity and preparedness of regions and individual states to handle the many sources of potential crisis by building more robust monitoring systems and governance mechanisms in these key areas.  

Through its strong partner network, AARC, has been helping policy makers in strengthening their health systems, implementing education and labour market reforms in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and designing adaptable social protection systems.  

AARC’s project portfolio in this area focuses on: Digital Health, Public Health, Social Services & Protection, Labour Market, Higher Education and Research, Vocational Education & Training, Migration & Border Management, Asylum, Up-skilling of Adults, and Inclusive Education.