AARC supported the transaction technical assistance (TRTA) program funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support multiple counterparts in the Government of Uzbekistan: Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, State Committee for Statistics, State Agency for Asset Management, PPP Development Agency, and the line ministries.


AARC performs various activities to strengthening the capacity of the key institutions related to macroeconomic management and implementation of proposed policy actions under the programmatic approach. Those activities include:


·          Preparation of the medium-term budget framework (MTBF);

·          Development, selection and monitoring of the selected PPP projects;

·          Capacity building for MOF’s internal audit departments;

·          Risk-based banking supervision, capital adequacy assessments, and stress testing enabled in CBU;

·          Implementation of gender-sensitive public sector budgeting and intergovernmental fiscal transfers;

·          Strengthening the capacity of Debt Management Office (DMO) under MOF in contingent liabilities risk management; preparation of a law on Public Debt; financial instruments of IFIs and FGFOs, and development of systematic solutions for timely repayments of external debt.

·          Support harmonization of Uzbekistan’s public sector accounting standards in accordance with IPSAS and IFRS;

·          Diagnostic study of 5 selected SOEs for potential privatization, restructuring and/or divestment reforms;

·          Support the MOF, selected ministries, and SOEs to identify gaps in public financial management, management of public expenditures, and delivery of public goods and services.

·          Support for enhancement of gender-disaggregated social and economic statistics data into public sector budgeting and banking and financial sector;

·          Support SCS and Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations with gender statistics and gender disaggregated data collection, dissemination and indicators;